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Apex Legends: Everything you need to know about Wraith

October 13 2021

Apex Legends: Everything you need to know about Wraith
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"You know what I look like. Come find me." Apex Legends has many characters shrouded in mystery, but none of those characters are as intriguing as the Void-Jumping Interdimensional Skirmisher, Wraith.

Aptly named, Wraith is -essentially- a ghost. She doesn't remember who she is, and the very few people who do are either dead or want her dead. So Wraith joins the Apex Games to find the answers to her burning questions: Who is she? Why was she being kept as a prisoner? Who is Amer Singh? With each match, she gets closer to the truth.

Wraith, due to her traumatic experiences, has a jaded personality. While traveling through countless dimensions, she has seen things that would disturb a lot of people. But at this point, she's become desensitized. That's probably because the disturbing things she witnessed were inflicted on none other than herself from another dimension. She's seen herself get experimented on, get tortured, get killed time and time again. In addition to that, she has voices in her head.

Wraith is voiced by the amazing Shantel VanSanten, whose work includes shows such as The Boys and The Flash, among others. Shantel claims to have never played Apex Legends but watched it online to see what the game was like. She also says that she attended the face-to-face audition in her holiday clothing, a display completely opposite of Wraith, that caused her to think she'd be fired on the spot. Instead, she was picked to bring Wraith to life with that signature low-register voice.

Apex Legends Wraith Breakout

Subject 61137 breaks free of her shackles. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Who is Wraith?

I've seen a world where I'm not a Legend... and I've seen a world where I am. We all make choices in our lives, every second, every day, and those choices... They define us, but they don't control us. We are our future, not our past.

"Renee Hope Blasey, Senior Science Pilot," was Wraith's name and occupation before everything changed. At IMC, along with her fellow scientist Dr. Amer Singh, she was working on phase technology: a method that would help carry objects between vast distances by sending them through a warp gate. Kind of like teleportation, but by traveling through other dimensions. This technology is suspected to be based on the Ark from Titanfall 2. While Pilot Jack Cooper and BT-7274 did manage to destroy the Fold Weapon, there is no proof that the Ark was also destroyed. Wraith suspects that her dimension-shifting powers are related to the Ark, implying that her phase tech project involved the Ark itself.

Senior Science Pilot Renee Blasey, first report. The grant to test our new Phase Shift tech has been approved by IMC's ARES Division. My colleague, Dr. Singh, has his suspicions about them... But honestly, all I care about is whether or not it's true... That our dimension is not the only one. Now we just need some volunteers... Or, I'll have to do this thing myself. There are a lot of roads out there - who knows where they lead? Project Wraith... Active.

Dr. Renee Blasey is rumored to be very temperamental and difficult to work with. Her supervisor believed her personality and Singh’s would clash but "cancel each other out.”

When unable to find any human volunteers, Dr. Renee Blasey volunteers herself for the experiment. Things don't go as planned. The experiment fails and Dr. Blasey is struck with amnesia, prompting Dr. Singh to capture her and write her off as a Jane Doe to experiment on her. In Wraith's own words, Dr. Singh probably does this to get all the credit for himself by eliminating Dr. Blasey.

While she's imprisoned and experimented on, Renee starts hearing voices in her head, which is attributed to Renee losing her mind because of the experiment. While Renee slowly loses hope of survival or finding out who she is, Singh mercilessly continues experimenting on her. One day, the voices in Renee's head become overwhelming, and her attendant decides to inject her with an additional dose of drugs so "the problem solves itself." Suddenly, a person in a white battle suit appears out of nowhere and throws him away. The mysterious person scolds Renee for not fighting back. Renee says, "Nobody gets out of here," to which the figure replies, "I did," right before taking out her mask, revealing herself as Renee Blasey. 

Apex Legends Wraith Voidwalker

The Voidwalker appears. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

The Voidwalker

Trust just your eyes, and you'll lose.

While a tortured and deranged Renee tries to understand what's going on, this other Renee reveals that she can navigate the Void: a dimension hidden behind the fabric of reality, which the phase technology utilizes to move objects. The Voidwalker uses a device on her arm to navigate this space, and while in the Void, she can observe other versions of herself in other dimensions. Renee learns that the voices in her head are just herself from other dimensions, watching over her. The Voidwalker teaches Renee to trust these voices who are all there to watch each other's backs. The Voidwalker gives her kunai to Renee so that she can defend herself.

Having no other choice, Renee follows The Voidwalker to escape the facility she's being held. Singh arrives, escorted by a couple of security guards, ambushes the two and drives them into a corner. Trapped, the Voidwalker decides this is her chance to take the fight to Singh and get some answers. She passes her Void Navigation Device to Renee, urging her to get away. Renee, thankful for her other self's sacrifice, puts on the Device and jumps into the Void.

There, she sees her fellow Wraiths, each with their own stories, their own versions of events happening simultaneously. She uses the Void to escape to the Voidwalker's original dimension, where Singh is dead, but the answers are still there. When she gets out of the Void, she finds herself in Kings Canyon, under construction for the upcoming Apex Games.

Renee, not even aware of her own name at this point, wanders around Kings Canyon to find something, anything to help her put together some information about herself. On her third day in Kings Canyon, she runs into Luc Paquette, who is searching for someone named Natalie. Of course, Renee has no information about herself or the scenario she's in, so she assumes that Natalie must be her name and Luc must be her husband. She spends a week in the woods while trying to figure out how to tell her "husband" that she was kidnapped in a different dimension, but now she's back.

During this time, she discovers a young girl is trying to kill Luc with a heat ray. To protect her husband, she appears out of a portal as a floating head to the young girl, scaring the girl into a crying, hysterical state. While in panic, the girl's heat ray sets the forest on fire, and the girl passes out from of the smoke. Renee instinctively saves the young girl but not before she's partly burned. Renee delivers the young girl to her father, and when he sees Renee and the girl, he clears up the confusion.

Natalie is the young girl's name. Natalie Paquette, callsign Wattson, Luc's daughter. Renee is mortified by this revelation and is embarrassed to her core. She leaves immediately, using her portal. The next day, Luc delivers a message to Renee stating that she's not welcome on the island, but she's given a chance to leave because she saved little Natalie. He adds that Natalie is now terrified of her because she thinks she saw a ghost; a wraith from her storybooks.

Renee takes this chance to leave the island for Solace City, only to return as an Apex Legend several years later so that she can investigate the Singh Labs in Kings Canyon. She takes on the callsign Wraith, courtesy of Natalie Paquette. Unknown to her at that time, the project she used to work on that caused her amnesia was also called Project Wraith, a name that would chase her down throughout her life. When she manages to enter the facility during her time in the Apex Games, she finally learns her real name is Renee. "At least I got the French part right."

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon was a peninsula in Renee's dimension; she finds it to be an island in this one. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Wraith's abilities

Pretty sure someone's got a shot on me.

Wraith is an offensive Legend, armed with abilities that can transport her safely from one point to another harmlessly. Wraith's powers are based on the Phase Shift ability from Titanfall 2. Normally, phase-shifting is exclusive to Simulacra and Titans, so she's unique in her ability to use phase-shifting as a human. She is able to utilize her talents to flank opponents or escape dangerous situations, which the voices in her head constantly notify her of.

As she discovered in captivity, the voices in Wraith's head are other versions of herself, watching from the Void. This passive ability consists of the Voices warning Wraith of imminent danger, such as being targeted or approaching a trap. Wraith can warn her teammates when receiving warnings from the Void.

Into the Void, her tactical ability, transports Wraith into the Void dimension, allowing her to travel unharmed to a second location when the ability's timer ends. Wraith has 2 animations before activating the ability: one hand seal to concentrate and another to jump into the Void. While in the Void, Wraith can see other Wraiths navigating the Void, which are actual Wraith players currently in the Void. Keep in mind that while using her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, Wraith skips the first hand seal animation since she already has access to the Void at that time. Wraith cannot interact with the world while in the Void, but she can use ziplines to traverse.

Her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, opens a portal into the Void that anyone can use and creates an exit point. The exit point is created when Wraith decides to end the ability, or depletes her portal energy, which counts back from 100%. The portals stay active for 60 seconds after the exit point is created. These portals can be used by walking into them, so placing an exit on top of an opponent can help you "kidnap" them to separate them from their team and force the other team to fight on your terms.

Remember that Wraith cannot enter another Wraith's portal while her ultimate is in the placing process. So no chaining Wraith portals to create your own Phase-Runner tech. Plus, as you can see in the Phase-Runner Arena Map, you'd need multiple Titan Batteries to be able to power up such tech.

Loba Wrath Apex Legends

Wraith works with Loba to uncover a long-forgotten IMC secret, a simulacrum named Ash. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

How to play Wraith

Just so they know who they're facing.

Wraith has multiple vital functions as a Legend and one of them is that she has the smallest hitbox (along with Lifeline and Wattson). When Wraith used to have the smallest hitbox in the game, her pick rate and win rate were so high that Respawn was forced to increase the size of her hitbox. Along with her "Naruto run,” she was a challenging target to hit. The fact that both her running animation and small hitbox were taken away didn't stop her from being a force to be reckoned with.

Back in the day, Wraith's abilities used to activate almost instantly, which kind of worked as a get out of jail free card in dire situations. To counter this, Respawn added the hand seal animation, and her movement is also slowed during this animation. To compensate, she moves faster during both her tactical and ultimate abilities. As the current state of her abilities imply, Wraith is now all about positioning. By utilizing Wraith's kit, you can have a unique positional advantage no other Legend can provide.

During her tactical, Into the Void, Wraith becomes invulnerable to all sorts of damage, including the Ring itself. This helps Wraith to reposition herself without risking taking damage. Adding her Dimensional Rift to the equation, Wraith can move her team out of harm's way with the sole risk of being followed through her portals. But most of the time, your opponents will hesitate to follow you solely because they don't know what's waiting on the other end of the Rift.

For example, since the portals follow the direction you're facing, you can place the exit point of your Rift towards an edge to bait your opponents into falling to their deaths. You can also lure them into a trap, probably prepared by the terrifyingly cute duo of Dr. Nox and Ms. Paquette

Just like with Octane, you can act as a scout—thanks to the Voices from the Void—and help your team reposition if needed. In addition, Wraith can push cornered opponents with relative ease, thanks to her ability to be invulnerable during her Into the Void ability.

While using Into the Void, Wraith can see opponents, which enables her to position herself accordingly. Meanwhile, the opponents see the blue trail Wraith leaves behind while moving in the Void, which helps them predict where she will step out. You can use this to your advantage because a Wraith who is obviously going for the flank usually distracts opponents and takes the priority to deal with, leaving your teammates in a position to push harder.

You can also do another very important thing with Wraith to save your downed teammates from a sticky situation. Wraith can use her portals to move downed enemies to a safer location, once again with the risk of being followed. The chance of saving your teammates easily outweighs the risk of being followed. You'd be left in a 1v3 or 2v3 situation, but you'd also be in that situation without saving your friends. So don't be the selfish, terrible partner that was Renee Blasey; be the Wraith that's trying to better herself by learning from Renee's mistakes.

Wraith lean

Not stopping until her questions are answered. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)

Wraith's relationships with other legends

 "I'll travel every road, kick down every door, till I get what I want."

As mentioned in this article, Wraith has a difficult time interacting with other people. Mostly because of her traumatic past and amnesia. For example, the child that Wraith saw trying to kill her “estranged husband” turned out to be a young Wattson, figuring out the equation to make the Ring work. Young Natalie was trying to prove herself to her father when lightning struck her experiment and electrocuted her, causing the Lichtenberg Figure on her face. Wraith saved her, delivered her to her father, and vanished abruptly. Seven years later, when they meet as Apex Legends, Wattson realizes that Wraith was the one to save her from dying. While Wraith has a jaded personality, Wattson's friendly approach relieves her, and the two become friends over time.

Mirage is another important figure in Wraith's life. He manages to find Wraith's date of birth as a gift to her. Mirage delves through the old files of her mother, who used to work for IMC, developing holo-pilot technology.

Wraith's 3rd favorite person—in no particular order—is Pathfinder, mostly because of his friendly and loving personality. Also, the two have a long history as Apex Legends together, being teammates in Pathfinder's first-ever Apex match, along with Mirage. The two also share a history based on Typhon, the planet where Wraith is originally from. While Wraith was from Typhon and worked on IMC projects related to the planet, such as the Ark, Pilot Jack Cooper, and BT-7472's efforts to stop the Fold Weapon led to the destruction of the planet, right when Pathfinder was working as a Weatherman, talking about the weather in Typhon. This live incident apparently cost Pathfinder his job and forced him to follow other career paths, such as being a chef at the restaurant where Revenant kills Loba's parents. It's difficult to tell if Pathy brings bad luck, or bad luck just follows him on a galactic quest to make his life difficult.

One interesting person Wraith mentions by name is Dr. Jefferson Boyle, who worked with IMC on Typhon. He appears in Titanfall 2's story and mentions a person named Hope multiple times. Wraith thinks Dr. Boyle is an important source of information for her, but both he and his work seem to be gone after Typhon's destruction. 

Apex Legends Pathfinder Typhoon Explode

Wraith's homeworld Typhon explodes, live on TV, to Pathfinder's shock. (Image: Respawn Entertainment)


 "Try not to blink; you may miss me."

While being one of the most versatile Legends in the game, Wraith also brings a lot of important lore with her to the table. She's connected in many ways to the Titanfall Universe, which according to Respawn Entertainment, is alive, and "anything can happen in the future.” Wraith's abilities make her both a great solo Legend and a great team player. She can survive on her own as she did all her life, but learning from Renee's mistakes made her a better person, and she's learning to work with others.

Wraith is included in the core Legend roster and does not require unlocking. So feel free to try out Wraith and see if she's the best Legend for you to complete G-Loot challenges, climb the ranks and prove yourself as an Apex Predator.

See you on the hunting grounds, Legends.

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