Apex Legends Conduit: lore, abilities, and strategies

Published: November 8 2023

Last updated: November 20 2023

Apex Legends Conduit: lore, abilities, and strategies
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The new legend Conduit jus arrived to Apex Legend! Dominate the Apex Games with our ultimate guide for Conduit: unlock strategies, synergies, and the electrifying lore behind Season 19's new support Legend.

Whether you’re new to the Apex Legends arena or a seasoned player, this comprehensive guide shines a spotlight on Apex Legends' latest Legend, Conduit. You'll discover crucial insights into her abilities, rich lore, ideal Legend synergies, and expert strategies to master this electrifying support powerhouse of Season 19. 

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Overview of new Legend Conduit in Apex Legends Season 19 

Rowenna "Conduit" Valentina, Apex Legends' freshest face in Season 19, enters the battle with a storm of support capabilities. Saved by a Titan during the Frontier Wars, this Legend of Filipino descent has forged her armor from Titan remnants, channeling its power into the Apex Games.

Conduit brings a tactical advantage with her shield-generating abilities, ensuring her team's vitality amidst chaos. Understanding Conduit's rich backstory enhances the gameplay experience, offering more than just strategic depth. 

Embrace the power of her lore and abilities to electrify your play. Ready to channel the storm? Let's dive into everything you need to dominate as Conduit.

Apex Legends Season 19 Conduit Lore

Conduit, also known as Rowenna, is Apex Legends Season 19's latest addition and she brings a rich background to the game's expanding universe. Of Filipino descent, Conduit dons a distinctive blue and yellow armor, which is more than just a battle suit. It's powered by a Titan battery, a nod to her deep connection with these colossal machines from the Frontier Wars​​.

Her history intertwines with the Titans; she owes her life to the one who saved her during the Frontier Wars. This pivotal moment is a cornerstone of her identity, and her sister's association with Titanfall 2 deepens her ties to the game's lore. Conduit's story is further explored in her "Stories from the Outlands" trailer, which provides a deeper look into her past and the experiences that have shaped her into the Legend she is today​​.

Apex Legends Season 19 Conduit Abilities

Conduit's abilities draw inspiration from Titanfall 2's Monarch Titan, equipped to boost combat abilities and siphon power from enemies to replenish shields​​.

Conduit passive ability: Savior's Speed

  • Speed to Save: Conduit’s passive is a free speed boost allowing a 23% sprint increase towards teammates outside a 50m range​​.

  • Activation: Lock eyes with a teammate more than 50m away for 3 seconds to engage the speed boost.

  • Consistency: Maintain the boost as long as the passive icon is in sight, dissipating when you're within 25m of your ally.

Conduit tactical ability: Radiant Transfer

  • Shield Siphon: Gift temporary shields to yourself and a teammate within 50m by healing-equipped armor.

  • Symbiotic Support: Both receive 'shield charging' status, with teammates enjoying a faster regeneration rate for 8 seconds.

  • Durability: Unless disrupted, these shields last for 21 seconds, providing a crucial advantage in skirmishes.

Conduit ultimate ability: Energy Barricade

  • Zone Control: Deploy seven Shield Jammers that damage and slow enemies within proximity.

  • Adaptive Deployment: Jammers adapt to the environment, forcing enemies to either retreat or engage while at a disadvantage.

  • Strategic Fortification: Each Jammer has 250 HP and can be destroyed, so placement is key for maximum effectiveness.

Apex Legends Conduit playstyle and tips

Conduit is a Support Legend, best positioned behind frontline skirmishers, with a keen eye on team health and shield statuses. And remember, to dominate as Conduit, understanding the nuances of her kit is just the beginning. Here’s how you can elevate your gameplay with her.

Passive play and best Legends pairing 

Aggressive Team Sync

Savior's Speed shines alongside agile Legends like Octane (see more below for best Legends to play with Conduit), ensuring you're always a step behind your spearheading allies.

Unwavering Rush

The passive's resilience to deactivation from damage allows for bold plays and rapid repositioning.

Master the Passive

Use Savior’s Speed defensively to retreat and quickly rejoin your squad after flanking or scouting ahead. Its versatility can be a lifesaver in dire situations.

Tactical prowess and communications skills: a must for Conduit’s players

Combat Reset

Radiant Transfer is perfect for a post-fight reset, slashing downtime and keeping the pressure on adversaries.

Communication is key

Inform your team of the Radiant Transfer to optimize its utility and deter unnecessary shield item usage.

Optimize the tactical

Be judicious with Radiant Transfer. Timing is crucial—activate it when you anticipate enemy engagements to give your team the upper hand with pre-charged shields.

How to make the most of Conduit Ultimate, Energy Barricade

Area Denial

Energy Barricade excels in locking down choke points, creating a hazardous zone for enemies to navigate.

Impede and Impair

The slowing effect of Shield Jammers is particularly effective against mobile targets, diminishing their tactical advantage.

Ultimate Impact

Place Energy Barricade's Jammers around environmental obstacles to create unexpected traps for pursuing enemies.

Advanced strategies and team synergies for Conduit in Apex Legends

As a beacon of support, Conduit's prowess can be amplified through strategic collaboration with other Legends and tactical play.

Best Legends to pair with Conduit

Conduit, with her shield-boosting prowess, pairs exceptionally well with Legends who excel in the thick of battle. 

Aggressive front-liners like Bangalore and Wraith synergize with Conduit's abilities, utilizing her shield regeneration for relentless assaults.

Wraith Apex Legends

Gibraltar’s defensive domes coupled with Conduit’s tactical support create an almost impregnable fortress, perfect for withstanding enemy barrages. 

With Legends like Caustic she can use her ultimate’s area control to funnel enemies into noxious traps. 

Lastly, pairing her with mobile Legends such as Pathfinder or Octane can amplify her passive, keeping her swift and responsive across the battlefield's dynamic encounters.

Apex Legends Octane Up High

Tactical synergy

Radiant Transfer negates the need for shield cells during critical moments, allowing your team to conserve resources while maintaining shield strength. Position yourself strategically to maximize the reach of your Tactical to all teammates.

Strategic positioning with Conduit’s Ultimate

Use Energy Barricade in narrow passages to disrupt enemy movement. Coordinate with Legends like Caustic or Gibraltar to create impenetrable defenses that can turn the tide of battle.

General play tips for Conduit in Apex Legends

And last but not least, two fundamentals things to keep in mind when playing Conduit: 

  • Spatial Awareness: Always be aware of your surroundings and teammates' positions. Conduit's abilities are range-dependent, so positioning is paramount.

  • Communication: Clear communication with your team can make or break Conduit's effectiveness. Call out your ability usage and coordinate with your team's tactics.

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