14 tips to get better at PUBG:BATTLEGROUNDS

Published: March 29 2022

Last updated: September 6 2022

14 tips to get better at PUBG:BATTLEGROUNDS
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Maybe you’re a total beginner, or you’ve been playing PUBG for a while and want to up your game. Whatever your experience, these 14 tips will help you succeed and become more competitive in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.

Use a stat tracker

We’ll start with this one because it will support almost every other tip on this list. Track. Your. Stats. 

Can you imagine trying to become a better F1 driver without knowing your lap times? Or a better baseball player without knowing your batting average? This is why it's so important to use a stat tracker for PUBG.

Tracking data like your win rate, K/D ratio, average damage, and average headshots can help you see where you’re progressing and where you still need to improve. As you follow the tips below, you should see an improvement in different areas.

Learn more: Why you should use a stat tracker for your games.

Keep an eye on your armor

Where would PUBG be without the iconic Spetsnaz Helmet? Most importantly, where would we be without their bullet-stopping capabilities? But did you know that better armor isn’t always… better? Let me explain.

Armor takes damage when hit. At a certain point, it’s better to downgrade to lower armor with 100% durability than to stick with a damaged higher-level piece. If your level-2 helmet gets down to around 60, it could be better to switch to a 100% level-1 helmet. Similarly, a level-3 vest will still last you about as long as a level-2 vest at 100%. Once you start getting down to the 25% range, that full-health level-2 might be more effective.

Learn to drive

In most games of PUBG, vehicles are a necessity unless you want to find yourself way outside the circle. With that in mind, learning to handle them well can make a huge difference to your success rate. Don’t rely on that 1 friend who’s played 200+ hours of iRacing. When they go down, you’ll need to take the wheel. 

  • Pressing Ctrl and 1/2/3/4/5/6 will let you switch seats in a vehicle. To take the driver’s seat, press Ctrl+1. 

  • Pressing Shift will give your vehicle a speed boost, but it will drain your fuel more quickly. It also increases the torque and is helpful for getting up hills.

  • Speaking of hills: vehicles will roll downhill and can explode if they crash into something when they're going fast. You can use this to your advantage by weaponizing your vehicle against opponents on lower terrain.

  • If you’d rather preserve your vehicle, make sure to park side-on to the slope to stop it from rolling away. 

  • Use Space to make a handbrake turn or brake more aggressively. 

  • Don’t get out of your vehicle if you don’t have to! While your opponents will be able to hear where you are, they’re actually quite unlikely to chase you down in a vehicle. If you’re low on health, there’s no need to put yourself at risk by getting out to fight. 

Read the room

Have you ever watched videos of SWAT teams practicing clearing a room? Go ahead; I can wait. 

You’re back? Great. So as you probably saw, clearing a room requires you to be methodical, quick to react, and to think like your enemy. Buildings in PUBG are great: they often contain loot, they give you cover from snipers, and they allow you to control the angles an enemy can approach you from. For these reasons, though, they can also be death traps. These tips will help you use them more effectively. 

  • Close the door. Doors in PUBG are closed by default. If you see an open door, it’s a sure sign that someone has been through it, and you should be on your guard. Plus, an open doorway is another opportunity for someone to shoot you from outside, so it’s just common sense. 

  • Check your corners. You should do a full sweep when you enter a room, covering all angles. That includes turning around and checking behind you. Remember when Clarice failed the FBI drill by forgetting to look over her left shoulder when entering a room? (*Click, click* You’re dead, Starling.) 

  • Speaking of horror movies, check behind the door! One of the best spots to hide in a building is right behind the door so that your enemy has to make a 360 turn and close the door to find you. Take them out before they have the chance. 

  • Beware of bait. You run into a room and see some loot lying on the floor. “Great,” you think, “I’m the first person here.” And you’re out of the game because your enemy was right behind you. It’s easy to get distracted by items and not follow your room-clearing procedure. Use your head, don’t wind up dead. 

  • Watch the circle. Keep your eye on buildings at the edge of the safe zone. As the play area shrinks, your opponents will be forced to flee the building, and you can pick them off as they come through the doors and windows. 

Study the maps

Karakin loot locations PUBG

One of the advantages of battle royale games compared to other genres is the limited number of maps. That means you can keep playing and exploring until you know each one like the back of your hand. Figure out the best ways into and out of an area, where to find cover, and where your opponents are likely to drop and you'll be playing at a serious advantage.

The best way to learn the maps is to play them over and over but to give you a boost, we've put together some handy guides.

Taego guide.

Karakin guide.

Erangel guide.

So that’s a quick set of tips to help you improve your PUBG skills. Want to get rewarded as you improve? Join G-Loot for free to complete Daily Missions and play in competitions. 


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