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Want to get rewarded in CS:GO for your training?

The G-Loot tracker automatically tracks your stats while gaming in CS:GO, allowing you to see your progression and compete against others. Make your training more fun and rewarding.

Add more excitement: challenge yourself!

Complete Missions automatically while you play to unlock prizes. You’re already dedicated to the game, now you can get rewarded for it.

Compete instantly whenever you want

Instantly join esports competitions that suit your
style, your level, and your schedule. Passion doesn’t wait.

Get rewarded for your esports passion

Play with purpose, challenge yourself, compete, climb the leaderboards, and earn rewards for doing what you love.

The home of CS:GO tournaments

Teamwork is at the heart of esports. Form teams with your friends and favourite players to compete in CS:GO tournaments. You’ve watched esports, now it’s time to be part of it.

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