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The PUBG Continental Series is back!

PCS6 is back!!  Keep reading for all the details on PCS6 Americas and to register for the NA Qualifiers.  If you're interested in the LATAM Qualifiers - please go to

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Road to PGC explained

Welcome to PCS6


9-16 March / NA & LATAM

The Open Qualifier will be held separately for each sub-region (NA & LATAM)
and support up to 160 teams. Each round will last 2 days with 6 matches
each day (12 total matches per round). Depending on the total number of
registered teams, there will be 3 or 4 rounds total. If there are greater than
80 teams who have signed up, we will break down Round 1 into Round 1A (between 80 and 160 teams) and Round 1B (64 teams), each will be 1 day of
6 matches. The Round 2 and Round 3 will be 2 days of 6 matches each day
regardless of the total number of registered teams.

Regional Playoff

18-20 March / NA & LATAM

Upon completion of Round 3, the top 8 teams from each sub-region will move
to their respective Regional Playoff to compete for a piece of the $25,000
prize pool. There, they will find themselves competing against 16 teams who
have been invited based on their performance at ESL PUBG Masters Americas
2022 Phase 1. If for any reason, an invited team does not meet eligibility,
roster requirements, or any other rules for which they lose their spot, that
team will be replaced by the next best team from Round 3 that meets the
requirements. The 24 teams from the Regional Playoff will be divided into 3
groups of 8. Each group will play the others over the course of a 6-match day,
making the Regional Playoff a 3-day event. Teams will be ranked on a
cumulative SUPER Point Rule leaderboard. The top 6 teams from each
Regional Playoff leaderboard will move on to the PUBG Continental Series 6
Americas Grand Final, and the next best 8 teams (7th to 14th place) from
each region will come together to compete in the Last Chance Qualifier. The
bottom 10 from each region will be eliminated.

Last Chance Qualifier

26-27 March / Combined NA & LATAM

The Last Chance Qualifier will be 2 days of 6 matches each and will send the
top 4 teams  based on the SUPER Point Rule scoring system to the Grand
Final. The LCQ will also award a total prize pool of $20,000.

Grand Final

Dates - to be announced / Combined NA & LATM

Top 16 teams from the NA and LATAM scene will compete for a share of the
$250,000 prize pool (+ additional crowdfunding) and those all-important PGC
Qualification Points.

PGC Qualification Points Distribution

PGC points are the points that will decide which teams that will advance to the PUBG Global Championship at the end of the year!

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