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G-Loot is now Stryda

Welcome to Stryda, the new G-Loot. As our product offering and company have grown over the years, we believe it’s the perfect time to revisit our brand, reflecting on how far we’ve come and where we want to go next.

We want the transformation of G-Loot into Stryda to reflect our commitment to both you as a player, and our vision of the future. Empowering and inspiring you through inclusive, innovative and fair competitions. Creating a platform where communities can thrive, and a safe haven for your gaming passion. A place for you to evolve and improve. You can read more about Stryda new brand identity in our news section.

What does it mean for you?

In essence, we’re still us - with a new packaging. This means that you can still indulge in all the things you’ve come to enjoy at G-Loot till now. We will continue developing new exciting features and improving current ones, such as Missions, Ladders, Stats, Clans, Premium, and the Shop.

What does it mean for you?

Why Stryda?

The concept is a simple play on two words: Strides, meaning a step forward in development or progress, and the Swedish word Strida, a homage to our heritage which means; to engage in battle: ready to battle with the enemy. We believe this resonates with our values as a company and that of competitive gamers globally.

Why Stryda?

What did G-Loot do and how did it become Stryda?

If you are new here, we thought this was a great moment to retrace all steps in the G-Loot history and evolutions. So, buckle up and discover everything that G-Loot did and how we became Stryda!

G-Loot, the home of everyday esports, was a platform tailored for competitive gaming. It aimed to innovate the esports arena with competitions and challenges for all skill levels, not only the selected few. G-Loot effectively lowered the thresholds for gamers all around the world to experience and enjoy competitive gaming. G-Loot also wanted to offer tangible rewards and progress for gamers' efforts in the games they play, every day.

The G-Loot platform offered a variety of competitions in games such as VALORANT, PUBG, Rocket League, DOTA 2, Apex Legends, and League of Legends. Aiming to provide a holistic esports experience for gamers within all skill levels. G-Loot also hosted premium tournaments with big prize pools together with RIOT and Tencent, such as VALORANT Clash, PUBG Season 6 and PUBG Season 7.

Today, G-Loot has become Stryda. With the same aim to create a go-to place for gamers where their accomplishments and progress feeds into a lifelong player identity that grows and evolves between games and over time. We want to challenge the idea that esports is only for a select few on a stage in a stadium.

Exactly as G-Loot did, Strydaenables gamers to compete with themselves, their friends, or strangers at a skill level and format of their choosing. We believe that competition lives in everything from daily missions and weekly competitions, to grand tournaments. And we are proud to bring forward the G-Loot legacy and keep esports competitions fun and open to everyone!

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