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PUBG revolutionised the battle royale shooting scene thanks to its realistc maps and weapons. Winning doesn't rely on some flashy magic ability or the latest character nerfs, it's about executing a good plan that suits your players' abilities and takes advantage of your opponents' weaknesses.

In short, you need keen strategic thinking to survive this high-pressure 30 minutes game. Are you up to the challenge?

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Silhouettes of people run in front of an explosion. Behind, more people parachute from the sky.

What is PUBG?

The premise is simple: you—and up to 99 other players—parachute onto one of PUBG maps, timing the jump from the plane in order to land in the location that you want. You then hunt for weapons, armor, and vehicles with which to fight off the other players for a last-man-standing victory.

As the game progresses, the playzone—indicated by a circle on the map—shrinks. Players caught outside of the playzone take damage every second until they make their way back inside the zone.

PUBG has a very varied gameplay, it can be played in Solo, Duo and Squad modes, both ranked and unranked. Whether you want to grab some buddies and make a power-move for the best locations, or prefer to hide and skirmish your way to a quiet victory, PUBG offers a lot of fun for both serious and casual players.

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