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Because of its strategical elements, Dota 2 is an international success with both casual players and esports champions alike. With the Dota Pro Circuit and The International championship, this game is one of the very best in the esports scene.

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Stryda is a gaming companion app with a free Battle Pass, a community, and a stats trackers. With Stryda you can play Dota 2 and get rewarded for your GGs, while you improve as a player. Meet new esports friends, and create your Clan together with them.

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What is Dota 2?

Sequel of Defense of the Ancients (known as DotA), Dota 2 is a multiplayer online Battle Arena game by Valve. If you are wondering how this game originated from a simple game mod, and ended up being one of the most successful esports sensations, we believe it's the complexity that makes Dota 2 so unique.

With more than hundreds Heroes to choose from, each of them with a specific role and set of skills, Dota 2 is definitely a challenge to learn and to master. With all said, it's not a surprise that the biggest esports tournament nowadays is "The International", where Dota 2 pro-players fight for the title of world champions.

But if you are new and approaching this game for the first time, don't fret! Dota 2 ranking system will match you with players of your own levels, and there are also bots to play with during your first matches. The same happens with Stryda, where players are ranked according to different levels.

Whether your abilities, Dota 2 is great played casually with a group of friends or as a serious esports challenge. We are sure you will not get bored. And with Stryda, the challenges are doubled, topped up with some sweet, sweet rewards.